Capacity Building and Lifelong Learning

Through cutting edge undergraduate and graduate training and research with impact on national development

International Cooperation and Visiting Scientists

Through networking, internship, exchange/linkage, lectureships, research visits, sabbaticals, short-term visits, assistantships, and fellowships.

Gender Equity and Affirmative Action

Through enhancing female participation and affirmative action in training, research and consultancy activities.


  • The International Centre for Mathematical and Computer Sciences (ICMCS) is a multidisciplinary non-governmental, not-for-profit training, capacity building, research and development Centre. Established in 1999, its broad mission is the development, advancement, dissemination and application of knowledge in all areas of the mathematical and computer sciences, through cutting edge, gender-sensitive, and applications-oriented training, capacity building, research, service and partnerships.


Mission & Vision

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Academic divisions

Division of Mathematical Sciences:

Functional Analysis, Differential Equations, Differential Manifolds, Multifunctions, Differential and Integral Inclusions, Measure and Probability Theory, Stochastic Analysis, Statistical Computation and Simulation, Mathematics of Finance, Mathematical Economics, Operations Research,Optimization and Mathematical Programming, Graph Theory, Logic and Coding Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Bifurcation Theory, Numerical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Complexity Theory and Chaos, Continuum Mechanics (Hydrodynamics, Elasticity, Kinetics of Gases), Modeling, Analysis and Simulation with emphasis on Applied Analysis and Scientific Computing for PDEs, Modeling and Simulation of Industrial Processes, Mathematical Programming, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Medicine, Environmental Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics, Modeling of Queues and Traffic Systems, Schools, Symposia, Colloquia, Workshops, Conferences and exhibitions on Recent Advances in Mathematics and its Applications, STEM Projects and Activities.

Division of computer Sciences:

With focus on: Interactive Software Development and Renovation, Specification and Analysis of Embedded Systems, Coordination Languages, Evolutionary Systems and Applied Algorithmics, Information Systems, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Database Management Systems, Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Information Engineering, Quantum Computing and Advanced Systems Research, Computation, Scientific computation and visualization, Parallel Computing, Computational Molecular Biology, Numerical Linear Algebra, ICT and Computing in Education, ICT and Computing in Business, ICT and Computing in Engineering, ICT and Computing in Medicine, ICT and Computing to Diverse Societal Problems through the Development of Relevant Apps,Schools, Symposia, Colloquia, Workshops, Conferences and exhibitions on Recent Advances in the Computer Sciencesand their Applications, STEM Projects and Activities.

Division of Extra Mural Studies and Lifelong learning:

With focus on: Mathematical Sciences: Numeracy: Mathematical and Statistical; Capacity building: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses and new methodologies in the mathematical sciences for all professionals; Pre-university mathematics courses.

Computer Sciences: Computer literacy, Capacity building: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses and new methodologies in the computer sciences and information technology for all professionals; Pre-university level computer sciences courses; Projects aimed at effecting internet connectivity and access for primary and secondary schools as well as remotely located rural communities.

Museum of the Mathematical and Computer Sciences: Development of a modern museum of the mathematical and computer sciences that will be accessible to the entire society, particularly primary and secondary level students and teachers.

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Structure of Divisions

Each division has the structure of a collection of interdisciplinary training, capacity building, research and development groups. Applications to the solution of problems from business, engineering, medicine, and industry are at the core of the activities of these divisions. Moreover, the divisions conduct their activities with special attention to gender equity and the needs of identified disadvantaged groups.



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